Soul Purpose of Men - "Building Men of Character"
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An ordained minister for more than 30 years, Apostle Oscar Pettigrew Jr. has
devoted his life to helping countless men, women and children to develop 
sense of self, and teach them to discover and embrace a more meaningful
relationship with God. He uses his spiritual gifts to help people when others
have failed. Apostle Pettigrew can't be found in a pulpit, as he is fond of saying,"
God has sent me to those who may never set foot inside a church". 
His one-on-one personal counseling is a no nonsense approach of getting to
the root of the problem. As is often stated he's not going to give you
the answers but he'll help guide you to them.
Apostle Pettigrew is co-founder of Fresh Start for Women, Inc. and
provides his services for after care counseling to the women who go
through the Fresh Start program. Apostle Pettigrew has a unique prospective
when it comes to domestic violence since he grew up the only male with seven
sisters. His first hand knowledge of the trauma that domestic violence
can make on a family's life places him in a rare category," a man who cares."
Having come from a broken home due to domestic violence, the exposure
taught him to be sensitive to this particular epidemic and its affects on men,
women and children. As well as its effect on the community as a whole.
In the last few years Apostle Pettigrew has encountered a new phenomenon,
men who are victims of domestic violence. Many are also single-handedly
raising their children. Immediately it was apparent that this group in society
did not have access to services to address their concerns and problems.  
Apostle Pettigrew states, "It is my desire to provide a place in which
these men may come together in a supportive environment to discuss their
concerns and recieve the help they so desperately need."                                                                                                                                                                                 
Soul Purpose Of Men
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